Samantha & Alejandro Engagement Session Water Garden Fort Worth TX

Water Garden Fort Worth TX

Engagement Session Water Garden Fort Worth TX

Samantha and Alejandro met about two years ago in a Latin dance club. Alejandro is from Chile while Samantha and her family are from the state of Texas. They met while in college in Idaho and have since then been inseparable. Compared to most relationships, they have been through many thick and thin, but throughout their relationship, they always stood for each other in support and solidarity.
One of the most rewarding aspects of wedding photography is meeting amazing couples like Samantha and Alejandro. They are one of the most beautiful couples I have had the privilege of documenting their engagement session. Alejandro is very protective of Samantha and will make sure she smiles at every moment during the shoot
Samantha wanted a location that has waterfalls and a magnificent landscape for their engagement photos. The only thing I could think of in and around Dallas is the excellent Fort Worth Water Garden. We couldn’t have chosen a better location to memorialize their engagement other than the Fort Worth Water Garden. This garden is a beautiful and elegant work of engineering architecture, a refreshing oasis located closed to the convention center of fort worth, TX. The location offers a variety of backdrops for engagements and bridal photoshoot. It is a host of thousands of visitors every year.
Samantha and Alejandro couldn’t wait for the lifting of 2020 COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted in order to have their engagement photos taken so we decided to try out the water gardens without the water. Although, it would have been very refreshing to have the water fountains, it was equally very conducive since there were fewer guests than usual. The posing was very easy due to the body chemistry they both portrayed. Their posing was greatly enhanced by the natural and exquisite attraction that exists between the two.

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