Dani & Cody Engagement Session Lynn Creek Park Grand Prairie TX

lynn creek park grand prairie

Engagement Session lynn creek park grand prairie

Meeting Danielle and Cody during this engagement session made photography worthwhile. Soon after we start talking about scheduling the session, the COVID-19 came into play. Cody, a member of the National Guard, had to respond to duty calls. Danielle had to wait until Cody returns home from duty call. Danielle was very forthcoming in discussing the details of her engagement photoshoot, and meeting them gives me a great passion for wedding photography. Shooting this couple is my most sought for engagement photography dream.
Cody and Danielle met when they were about to turn 14 at a birthday party, organized a mutual friend, and have been friends since then. Like most young love, hey had a few dates, but nothing came out of it, and they agreed to go their separate ways, but they held a candle for each other in their hearts. After six years of loosely staying connected, they went on a lunch date over Thanksgiving break that lasted about 12 hours. Cody thought it was a friend date, just to catch up until Danielle was pulled him into a photo booth and planted on him! They have been together every day since then.
“Trial after Trial of taking you on the same kind of date, but the second date was different. We connected more. I had grown out of my shell and could express my feeling without being shy. We had both grown up, experienced life more, and bonded close, and I couldn’t get enough of you. I wanted to always be around you, even driving hours at a time just to see you for a little bit. I just wanted to see you smile and laugh as much as I could and that’s when I knew I loved you”, said Cody
Danielle and Cody wanted the Engagement Session at a location that would reflect their personas. They met while in high school and went out on a couple of dates. Like most young love, nothing came out of it and they agreed to go their separate ways but, they held a candle for each other in their hearts. While in her junior year in college, Danielle sent a random message to Cody which lead to plans to catch up over Thanksgiving break. That 12-hour date was the beginning of a 4-year relationship and ever since, they have become inseparable. Now, they are engaged and soon to be married! That’s how we settled for the Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie, Texas.
The Lynn Creek Park comes with an abundance of lush nature, magnificent landscape and a beautiful lake that gives a pleasant and natural backdrop to their theme, a romantic beach photo shoot. This location in Grand Prairie offers a beach slide engagement shoot, a Florida environment in the middle of Texas. Choose a beautiful sandy beach, creek-like woods or matured oak trees to create different atmospheres.
Generally, men are not so into taking pictures as opposed to women. In my line of business, I have come across several grooms-to-be who are reluctant to get dragged into the bride-to-be’s glee in a photo session. Cody, was not any different. I coaxed him into remembering that he is hanging out with his favorite lady in the whole wide world and to ignore my presence with a camera. Looking back at the pictures, you could tell Cody focused his attention on Danielle and the love shuns effortlessly through the photos. It gave me immense joy to make deliver above their expectations. Engagement Session Lynn Creek Park Grand Prairie TX

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