Alexandra Grinsell and Nathan Diecher Engagement Session Prather Park Dallas TX

Engagement Session at Prather Park Dallas TX

Let me take you back to the flashback story of how the beautiful Alexandra and the fantastic Nathan met each other. They met while attending an MBA program, and it was love at first sight for Nathan, but it took Nathan some game nights to finally ask Alexandra out. But having said that, Nathan made sure that they had a fun-filled and entertaining first date which included a lot of ice-skating, bowling, waffles, drinks, and winded up with a long and romantic walk. Well, as they say, rest is history and how!!!
Doesn’t it sound like the beginning of a perfect fairytale love story?
I have constantly challenged myself as a photographer. I make it a point to know how the entire journey of my couple’s love stories and how it’s progressed over time, this helps me connect with them, and it creates a figment of imagination on my mind on how to portrait them.
I would describe my experience of their engagement shoot as fun, passionate, pure love, and snuggly. These are precisely the ingredients that Nathan and Alexandra agree their love story is all about.
My style is primarily photojournalistic wedding photography, capturing the day in candid and natural photos where the emotions and actions are captured effortlessly and where I would get all shades of the couple without stressing them.
I knew that Alex and Nathan love nature, trails, greenery, and everything related to nature. After all, Nathan proposed to Alex during the hike in the Volcano National Park, Hawaii. Prather Park, Dallas, the whimsical park with trails, scenic pathways, creeks, trees, and nature, formed a perfect background for clicking their engagement pictures, and the place appealed to them very well.
I prefer to blend soul, drama, imagination, and technical skills while maintaining a sense of simplicity and that I believe the secret to my engagement photography skills. With God’s grace, I have managed to create a place for myself in the world of Engagement & Wedding Photography, and working with clients like Nathan and Alexandra is always a blessing. Stay tuned for more couples engagement and wedding blogs coming up soon.

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